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Pony Speed Training

Student on treadmill

How fast are you?

The Pony Speed Program uses high speed incline treadmills to reach you proper running technique and form. With inclines up to 40% grade and speeds up to 28 mph these treadmills will have you running faster than ever.

Stillwater Area Public Schools Community Education and Acceleration Minnesota North partner together to provide speed training at Stillwater Area High School in the Pony Activity Center. Acceleration Minnesota has been the premier speed program in the Twin Cities since 1990. Acceleration is a science based and result driven speed program that uses high speed incline treadmills to teach proper running technique, correct running form, stride length, and stride frequency. These treadmills incline up to 40% grade and can reach speeds of 28 mph. This program is formatted to run in 6-8 week intervals and allow students and/or adults to train 1 to 2 workouts per week. Student athletes ages 10 years old and up are eligible to sign up for the Pony Speed Program.

You can sign up for training as an individual in one of the courses listed or get together a group of teammates and train together. A minimum of 8 participants is need for group training. Sessions with insufficient enrollment will be consolidated. Registrants will be notified with an option to cancel if unable to attend the reassigned time.

The treadmill science: Athletes sprint in front of mirrors to see and correct running form. The inclines uses correct foot strike and get athletes to run on the ball of the foot instead of the heel. Running at an incline activates the glutes and hamstrings 200% more than flat ground running and promotes higher knee drive thus increasing stride length. The speeds used, force athletes to sprint at 100% effort and more. During the latter part of the workout there are 2-3 second periods where the athlete is getting held on the treadmill by the trainer. This all leads to longer strides and a faster runner.

Main Contacts

Pete Heldstab
Coordinator of Activities and Facilities

Alexa Hansen
Receptionist & Facility Use Technician