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ECFE Community Needs

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ECFE Community Needs Survey 


Each year every Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) Program in the state of MN is asked to do a community needs survey to assess how well we are meeting the needs of the families in our community. The information gathered through this process will help guide our future program offerings.

We will be closing the survey on May 15th. We appreciate your insight and feedback. Thank you!

What is ECFE?

Early Childhood Family Education (ECFE) is based on the idea that parents provide their child's first and most significant learning environment and parents are children's first and most enduring teachers. ECFE works to support you as a parent/caregiver and to strengthen and empower families. The goal is to enhance the ability of all parents and other family members to provide the best possible environments for their child's learning and development.

Who Can Participate in ECFE?

ECFE is a parenting education program for all Minnesota families with children between the ages of birth to kindergarten entrance. School districts that have a PreK-Third Grade initiative may offer programming for parents with children up to third grade, in order to support continued parent engagement in children's learning and development.

How is ECFE Offered?

The ECFE program is offered through Minnesota public school districts often times in partnership with other community or early learning programs. Learning opportunities through ECFE may occur in a variety of settings, such as the families’ homes, district or community sites, and online parenting education and support. Programming and education services often include parents/caregivers and children, but it may just include parents/caregivers. ECFE is provided by teachers who are licensed in early childhood and/or parenting education by the state of Minnesota. Most ECFE classes are charged based on a sliding fee scale based on the family's income.

Are you now, or have you ever been, enrolled in the Stillwater ECFE?
What are your strengths as a parent or caregiver? (check all that apply)
What challenges are you currently facing as a parent or caregiver? (check all that apply)
Do you feel you need more support in your parenting/ caregiving than you currently have?
If you answered yes to the above question, what types of support do you feel you want or need? (check all that apply)
What ages are your children? (check all that apply)
What ages have your children been when you have taken ECFE classes? (check all that apply)
When you have questions about your children's behavior, development, and/ or parenting/ caregiving strategies, where do you go for information? (check all that apply)
Have you heard of ECFE?
If you answered yes to the above question, where did you hear about ECFE? (check all that apply)
If you were to take part in ECFE, what type of programming would you be most interested in and most likely to take part in? (check all that apply)...ECFE is a place where parents and caregivers can come to meet other parents and caregivers, learn about their children and developmental stages based on their age, grow in their abilities to connect with their child, and so much more! ECFE often works in collaboration with other community service providers to help support families in the community.
What classes have you participated in through Stillwater ECFE? (check all that apply)
Why did you choose to register for an ECFE class? (check all that apply)
What did you get out of being in an ECFE class? (check all that apply)
Have you continued to stay involved in ECFE?
Which of the following describes you? (check all that apply)
Does anyone in your household identify as LGBTQIA+?
What are the racial or ethnic groups represented in your family? (check all that apply)
What languages do you speak in your home? (check all that apply)
What is your gross annual income for your household?