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Participant Expectations

Stillwater Community Education is committed to providing an environment that is safe, welcoming, respectful, caring and fun for all. To ensure this commitment, we pledge to respect differences, welcome diversity and promote inclusive practices.

The success of our programs is dependent upon everyone having a mutual understanding of the expectations required to provide these opportunities.


  • All interactions, both verbal and non-verbal, must remain respectful and non-threatening.

  • Any use of language that is discriminatory, abusive, obscene, threatening, intimidating or degrading to others will not be tolerated.

  • NO negative verbal or physical actions, whether intentional or unintended will be tolerated.

  • Individuals will be respectful of others personal space by keeping a comfortable personal distance – and by keeping hands to oneself.

The following behaviors fall under the definition of those that require intervention by the individuals in charge of any particular activity, and may result in loss of privileges or ability to attend activities sponsored by community education.

  • Disregard for rules as outlined under these expectations or for any rules as outlined prior to any particular activity

  • Behavior that is disruptive or that is disrespectful to others

  • Defiance of those in authority as it relates to any particular activity or to the safety of others

  • Invading any other individual’s personal space

  • Bullying, hitting, touching or using any other physical means against others

  • Behaviors that are determined to compromise in any way the safety or well-being (either physical or emotional) of any individual participating in an activity.

While it is the intention of community education to work with individuals to remedy any potential for repeated problematic behavior, concern for the safety of everyone involved is paramount. Questionable conduct will be addressed by community education and actions will be taken in the following fashion:

  • Initial incident: individual will receive a verbal warning

  • Repeated incident: Participant’s parent/guardian will be contacted (if applicable) 

  • Continued incident: Participant will be asked to leave the specific activity

  • Ongoing incident: Participant will be suspended from activities for a specified period of time 

  • Continued questionable behavior will result in individual being required to have a parent/or other responsible adult in attendance at activities OR may be prevented from participating in the future 

Inherent Risk
There is an inherent risk of accident and injury in any activity. It is the responsibility of the participant to be aware that there are assumed risks in participation of this class and any associated class activities. Stillwater Area Public Schools assumes no responsibility of injuries received during activities. Any changes in participant's current physical activity level should be done under the approval and direction of their physician and/or health care provider(s).